There are two major things 50 Cent is known for among the ladies, particularly: gorgeous teeth and one bangin’ ass body. Yesterday, the Power producer and co-star, had the internets buzzing after posting an Instagram clip of himself brushing those pearly whites. In a towel. A somewhat loosely tied towel. That moved ever so slightly as he brushed.

He ain’t slick. Season three of Power starts on July 17. Also, anyone else remember him announcing that he would be “quitting” Instagram? Oh. But we digress.

After he spit and rinsed, 50 gazed directly into the camera lens and warbled some lyrics to Jeremih’s “Woosah” record playing in the background. “When you, put that ass on my face… Feels like I’m ’bout to drown…” he sang.

His female fans lost it. The men were just trying to figure out what brand of toothpaste he was using that would produce no foam. Haters.

Check out some of the reactions below and on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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