K.R.I.T. hinted at his time with the label ending soon on It’s Better This Way.

On “Can’t Be Still” he rapped: And I’ma pimp what I can from Def Jam / Cause I know my worth ain’t cheap.”

On “Let It Show” he said: “Tell Def Jam run that bread, I don’t give a f*ck.”

Then finally on “King of the South” he blasted: “Talkin’ fourth down, can’t throw the ball to Def Jam cause they might fumble.”

Where rapper/producers like Kanye West [also on Def Jam] and J. Cole seem to be completely trusted with their artistic visions, it looked as if K.R.I.T. was not trusted as much. Single and song choices like “Pay Attention” featuring Rico Love were evident of that.

There is no telling where K.R.I.T. will land from here. With execs and artists like Sha Money and Rick Ross leaving Def Jam for Epic, some would assume that may be the next move. But in 2016 independence may be the best look for an artist of K.R.I.T.’s build.



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