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Lela Loren Talks Dating with Omari Hardwick, who has no qualms about admitting to dating his castmates. Yes, he’s happily married despite the haters, but before you go there, it’s in regards to making sure the on screen chemistry on Starz’s hit drama Power is genuine.

“You gotta be buddies man. You gotta talk, you gotta flesh out, you gotta date,” Hardwick told Hip-Hop Wired. “When I say date I mean literally go hang out. I say date, I say Joe [Joseph Sikora aka “Tommy”] and Omari dating at times, in terms of go get a parmesan chicken sandwich at his favorite spot. Go watch the Knicks game together. Lela and I talk a lot. Naughturi and I talk a lot. You can play these type of characters, and not talk.”

The accomplished actor no doubt takes his craft seriously, as does his co-star, Lela Loren. When asked how her and Hardwick are able to get people to actually want two people who should on paper never be together to actually prevail, her answer was short and potent.

“In some ways Ghost and Angela are two characters trying to go home again, when things were simple an innocent,” said Loren.

Power returns to your TV screen again for season 3 on July 17.  Watch Hip-Hop Wired’s exclusive interview with Ghost and Angela above.

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