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A word to the wise: If you avoid being sneaky, no one can expose you. Taylor Swift learned this lesson (hopefully) firsthand last night when Kim Kardashian-West welcomed her to Front Street sans the basket of treats.

Well, there were treats for us at hand (see: #KimExposedTaylorParty), but none for Taylor.

The reality star yanked off the country singer’s ‘poor me, America’s sweetheart’ mask when she posted a video on Snapchat, showcasing Swift and West discussing that infamous half bar from his “Famous” track. You know, the one she says that she never approved.

So now, after Kimmy put her out there, Swift is waving the white flag—sort of. The pop star took to Twitter to explain her side, but she sounds crazy. And contradictory, based on what’s portrayed in the video. Granted, the Wests are guilty of low-key bullying her but she kinda opened this Pandora’s box when she tried to flip the situation upon the release of “Famous.”

Oh yeah.

And Swift also took the opportunity to tell the world that she doesn’t wanna be Kanye’s friend anymore.

Whose idea was it to record this conversation? Petulant, brilliant and entertaining for us all.

Lastly, according to TMZ, Swift is prepping to sue.

Photo: screen cap

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