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Why does the oppressor want to make you think that they are the ones being oppresses so bad? A tweet has been making the rounds of an image of the words “Black Rule” that was allegedly spraypainted onto the driveway of his home.


The problem is that 1. Who the hell says “Blacks Rule”? and 2. What kind of vandal would leave such a struggle filled note?

What’s really of interest is that this incident actually happened LAST YEAR when a man’s Mississippi flag (that featured the Confederate flag) was burned in the front of his home.

Reported WLOX (seriously, shout out to Styles P, Jadakiss and Sheek Louch, too)

Police are investigating a disturbing discovery in front of a home in Pascagoula, a burnt Mississippi state flag lying next to racial graffiti.

Bob Comans has lived in his home on Jackson Avenue for nine years, and said he always flies the Mississippi state flag next to the American flag. While police are investigating it as a case of vandalism, Comans said it’s a crime that’s connected to hate.

“I looked and just went into really a shock by seeing the flag like that being burned,” said Comans.

Comans got emotional when he saw the charred and shredded remains of his Mississippi flag.

“I’m tore up. It just really disturbed me. That’s the worst thing that could happen to a flag, get burned. I wouldn’t want anybody to even walk on it,” said Comans.

Comans said around 5:30 a.m. Monday, his daughter discovered the burnt banner and the words “Blacks Rule” spray painted in the driveway of their home on Jackson Avenue.

Flash forward to today and the volatility gripping the nation on racial lines, and that old picture with “Black Rules” gained new life.

The Twitter jury quickly determined that this was the jig, and a poor attempt at framing a Black person (think: mainstream media trying to pin any crime committed by a Black person on Black Lives Matter).

The reactions have been priceless. Peep the best below and on the following pages.

Photo: WLOX

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