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Suge Knight and the ongoing murder case has been plagued with starts and stops along with the rap mogul’s unusual shenanigans. Last week, Knight, who has a violent history of intimidating people, was denied access to key witness records last week and had an emotional breakdown in court.

The Associated Press reports:

A judge says lawyers for Marion “Suge” Knight cannot receive additional information about several potential witnesses in the murder case against the one-time rap mogul.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen ruled Friday that prosecutors had shown good reasons to withhold the identities of three confidential informants and the addresses of several witnesses.

Coen made his ruling after meeting in a closed session with a prosecutor and detective.

Knight’s lawyers sought the information so they could independently interview the witnesses to prepare a defense for the Death Row Records co-founder.

Prosecutors relied on the allegations of Knight’s violent past and rumors of witness intimidation as the reasoning for blocking his attorneys’ request.

The New York Daily News adds that Knight’s fiance and lawyer said that the ordeal is a danger to his health. The publication also wrote that Knight made an emotional plea to the judge during the hearing, stating at one point that he doesn’t want to die in jail.