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Kanye West is finally speaking on the infamous Taylor Swift phone call video his wife recorded that set the internet ablaze. 

Kanye West surprised thousands of fellow Chicagoans when he emerged as a guest at Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen tour stop in the Windy City. As with any other time that Kanye has a microphone and an audience, he took a moment to talk about himself and what’s going on his his beautiful dark twisted fantasy of a life.

Fan captured video shows the rapper talking about the video his wife Kim Kardashian recorded of him letting Taylor Swift no he was going to rap about her on his song “Famous.”

As the opening chords and Rihanna’s intro of the song creeped through the speakers at the United Center, Kanye addressed the crowd saying:

“All I gotta say, I am so glad my wife has Snapchat. Now y’all know the truth, and can’t nobody talk sh*t about ‘Ye no more!”

Kanye West lives for vindication so this new revelation that “can’t nobody talk sh*t about ‘Ye no more” can only lead to more unforgettable soundbites and hopefully greater music from the rapper.

Let’s just hope that the possibly looming lawsuit for him using Swift’s “famous” likeness in the music video for the song leads to “Kanye can’t talk sh*t about nobody no more.”