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YG‘s political anthem “F*ck Donald Trump” is continuing to grow legs as we all grow scarily closer to having a clown as the President of the United States.

While we’re sure that there are plenty of politicians, pundits and even Presidents that wish that they could just come out and say “f*ck Donald Trump,” they can’t. But YG can, and it’s resonating.

The song which appears on the tail end of his Still Brazy album has emerged as perhaps the strongest Hip-Hop political statement this election cycle and perhaps the biggest establishment F.U. since Public Enemy’s 1989 song “Fight The Power.”

YG isn’t known for making political or “conscious” music and he knows that. But he felt like with everything that is going on right now, he had to do something.

In an interview with I-D, the “Bompton” rapper spoke on why he made the song.

Per I-D:

Why is important for you to keep having these conversations?

Because it’s serious. It’s so much bigger than California. I was working on music when we first started talking about all of this shit. We were having convos, I know the next motherf*ckers were having convos, hop on Twitter and everyone’s talking about this shit. So I was like, “I’m gonna say something and use my platform for something real.” That was my first time making a meaningful record; I usually do the turn ups. But that shit had a real impact.

It really did. I think we’re really starting to see more people in the game engage with these issues.

Yeah, it’s like, wake up, America. Motherf*ckers are talking about drugs and parties and guns and shit. But they gotta know there’s more shit going on. We gotta say something, cause if not, it’s like we’re out here standing for nothing, like we ain’t got no morals. That ain’t what it is. That ain’t me. So I decided to speak up.

It can be argued whether or not YG hasn’t made meaningful songs before. “Really Be” was a standout on his debut album My Krazy Life and “Blacks And Browns” on Still Brazy is pretty meaningful too.

Later in the interview YG talks about what he feels really needs to happen to invoke change, him selling “F*ck Donald Trump” t-shirts, how “F*ck Donald Trump, Pt. 2” featuring Macklemore and G-Eazy happened and the possibility of there being a part three and four.

Check out the entire interview here.

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