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Still soaking in the success from his album The Recession and gearing up for the third series of his Thug Motivation, Young Jeezy seems to be airing out his grievances as of late. He released “24,23” where he laid out a lyrical assault on his former foe Gucci Mane and newly acquired nemesis OJ Da Juiceman and now his beams seem to have set his sights on former friend DJ Drama.

Tension came to a boil at the screening of the late Biggie Smalls film “Notorious” in Atlanta when Drama was assaulted by members of Jeezy’s CTE crew according to LA the Darkman, an artist under Drama’s Aphilliates Music Group.

“Drama just started acting like a bi*ch. Drama wanted to be Khaled, but he didn’t want to help nobody,” said Jeezy in an upcoming issue with XXL Magazine. “He just changed, period. Look at his crew. The same ni**as ain’t around him. You ain’t never been in no streets. I could never have no beef with a ni**a like that. He’s a cornball.”

Their collaborative relationship spanned back to 2005 when audiences were given the full experience of the Trapper with Gangsta Grillz:Trap or Die. This mixtape alone was able to generate the large buzz for both artists as Jeezy followed with Thug Motivation 101 and Drama continued to establish his Gangsta Grillz series. After such great work on the first outing, the two would link up on more occasions to bless the streets with the mixtapes, Can’t Ban the Snowman and I Am the Street Dream. The success of their mixtape series can only be compared to the likes of the Dedication series with Lil Wayne.

With a solid relationship such as this, it became confusing and seemed out of left field when rumors began to circulate that the two had a beef with one another. Jeezy was able to address exactly what transpired between the two and, if with the amount of success that they have had together, why he will never work with Drama ever again.

“You made millions off my mixtapes, to the point where the fuc*in’ Feds scooped you up for bootlegging. I never even made the money he made off of Trap or Die or Tha Streetz Iz Watchin, because they were selling and distributing them and making money,” stated Jeezy.

The Snowman cited the fact that Mr. Thanksgiving wasn’t so giving when it pertained to one of Jeezy’s artists stating that Drama tried to overcharge him for a mixtape for one of his up-and-coming artists which came off as being disloyal and placed the initial strain in their relationship.

“We will never do a mixtape together,” exclaimed Jeezy “I didn’t charge that n**** for [contributing a verse to the song ‘5000 Ones,’ on Drama’s official debut]. But then when I need [a tape for one of my artists], and you want to charge me $20,000?”

In response, Drama wrote through twitter, “Da*n what did I land to? Lol … it’ll get addressed people, don’t believe them lies.”

And the story will continue…