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Eminem‘s former bodyguard Byron Williams is claiming that Suge Knight once sent goons to “strong arm” the rapper at the Source Awards.

The man also known as “Big Naz” appeared on the always entertaining Murder Master Music Show to reveal a story where Suge Knight allegedly tried to have Eminem roughed up on account of his longstanding beef with Dr. Dre.

Williams says that Eminem was set to present an award at the 2001 Source Awards when he was suddenly surrounded by men in red shirts looking to pick a fight. According to Williams, the seating arrangements at the show made it to where bodyguards were not allowed to sit with the artists they are paid to protect. Williams says that it allowed artists to network, but it also allowed rivals to target each other.

Em, who is Dr. Dre’s artist, found himself being a pawn caught up in a beef that he really didn’t have anything to do with.

Williams says:

“I noticed that, in the middle of the aisle, he’s beefing with all these guys in red shirts. I noticed his face changing, and he’s turning like, tomato-red. And there’s a sea of red guys around him. I had to bust through the middle and snatch him up.”

Williams went on to say that the men started screaming “Death Row” and said that Suge had sent out a hit on Em. Williams had more details to share to but insisted that people go buy his book {plug} Shady Bizzness: Life As Marshall Mathers’ Bodyguard In An Industry of Paper Gangsters to hear the rest of the story.

It has been widely reported that Williams said that Knight was setting up Em to be killed, but he clearly only says “strong arm.” It is also being reported that the incident took place at the 2001 Source Awards. But, if you look up the book on any online store it says that it was published in 2000.

So yes, there is definitely something “shady” going on.

Listen for yourself below.