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Cam’Ron finds a new way to entertain us in a new cooking show called [wait for it], “Cookin’ With Cam’Ron.”

In the clip produced by NOISEY, Cam’Ron says that he is a rapper first, interior decorator second and chef third. Sans apron, Cam’Ron prepares a carnivorous meal of lamb chops, steak and shrimp scampi, rounding it off with corn on the cob and asparagus.

Cam says that the scampi is his most requested dish from visitors. “I’m a scampi man,” he says in the video.

Not only does Cam cook the meal, but he also gives you tips along the way on how not to burn your skillets and why cooking in the oven is better than doing it on the stove.

It makes sense for Cam’Ron to have some skills in the kitchen. Now that he has his own weed strain, he’s probably going to have the munching more often than not.

Check it out for yourself below. Cam starts cooking at the 9:50 mark.

Photo: Screenshot