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Sink or swim. After claiming that he and two other US swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has fled the country as authorities demanded he’d stay.

Earlier this week it was reported that Lochte and three other swimmers, were held up at gunpoint by men impersonating police officers and robbed of cash and other items. The group  was reportedly leaving France’s hospitality venue in the Olympic Village. However, during interrogation and investigation, local officials found a lot of holes in the story and wanted to question Lochte and company further. They even demanded that their passports be taken and they be held in the country.

Thing is, Lochte has already left the country and returned to the United States. Up until today the whereabouts of the other swimmers was unknown. But Associated Press is now reporting that Brazilian officials caught two of them, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz, at the airport Thursday morning attempting to leave and snatched them right off the plane.

Initally, Lochte and the crew failed to tell anyone about the robbery for fear that they would get in trouble. Now it sounds like they are about to get into even more trouble for trying to cover up whatever it was that they were doing. Or maybe they did get robbed but were too drunk to remember what happened exactly?

Story developing.