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You think your life is bad? Try surviving an execution seven years ago, only for the court system to try and kill you again.

That’s the life situation 60-year old Romell Broom is facing today.

The Ohio Supreme Court declared that the state can try to execute Broom again.

Broom was sentenced to death back in 1984 after he was convicted for raping and killing a 14-year old Cleveland girl. He was scheduled to be executed in 2009 via lethal injection. However he survived the execution because of procedural issues. Executioners could not find a usable vein to deliver the injection. So, Broom was strapped to the execution bed for two hours while being poked with needles.

Broom says that he suffered excruciating pain and screamed and cried throughout the process. He is saying that a second execution would be cruel and unusual punishment and double jeopardy.

However, the courts aren’t taking that into consideration and rejected his appeal. According to CBS News, the state said lower courts properly determined that any mistakes happened during execution preparations, not the actual procedure.

Brown is only the second person in history to survive an execution.

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