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Retired NFL running back and media personality Tiki Barber is without a doubt one of the most recognizable players to lace them up for the New York Giants. However, Barber is getting sauteed and flambéed on Twitter after attempting to pull off a politician’s move of playing both sides of the recent Colin Kaepernick National Anthem debate.

For context, Barber appeared on CBS’ This Morning program Monday (Aug. 29) and shared his stance on Kaepernick’s controversial protest. Barber said in his appearance on CBS that while he agrees with Kaepernick’s attempt to address America’s racial divide, he still criticized the player for not respecting the flag or the country. Twitter caught wind of Barber’s tap dance routine and are rightfully lighting into him for not picking a true side.

Barber is just the latest in a long line of folks looking to tear down Kaepernick’s First Amendment rights and make it bigger than it needs to be instead of examining what brought him to make the rash decision.

To Kaep’s credit, he’s sticking to his guns under the hottest and most uncomfortable lights ever. But it still remains troubling that very few major figures are aligning themselves with Kaepernick and getting to the true root of his protest instead of the barrage of folks insulting him with racist names and saying he’s disrespecting veterans.

Last we checked, nobody is really getting harmed by Kaepernick’s personal choice but those cops with that good aim on the backs of Black folks are still out here.

Check out some of the chatter around Tiki Barber’s views on Colin Kaepernick’s protest. You can add on and following the conversation by clicking this link.

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