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Superproducer Metro Boomin took to Twitter to vent about the streaming wars between Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora and Spotify that are leaving fans out in the cold.

The small rant came after Metro logged into his iTunes account to listen to Jay Z‘s “Song Cry” but could not find it. He then tried to look for the entire The Blueprint album and failed there too. Then he had a revelation.

It seems like Metro ran into the same wall that so many music fans are hitting these days. As streaming services like Apple Music and Tidal clamor for the top spot, songs wind up disappearing or only become available on or the other, forcing fans to decide if they want one $9.99 streaming music bill, or more.

Simple math and logic could lead one to believe that spending roughly $30 or $40 for full access to services like Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and Pandora to get millions of songs at your fingertips is better deal than spending that same amount of money on just three or four album. However, the reality is that not everybody has cash flow to have a music bill in their budget. Plus, it’s becoming a nuisance to have to multiple streaming services when all you want is one particular album or song.

Metro isn’t the only artist who has voices displeasure with the streaming wars.

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