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Trump supporting Pastor Mark Burns got called out for his suspect bio on national TV. Actually, suspect is too generous since Burns pretty much lied about the college he graduated from and the extent of his military service—also, he is not a member of Kappa Alpha Psi either. 

Reports Talking Points Memo:

In a cringe-inducing interview, CNN’s Victor Blackwell pressed Mark Burns to explain inaccuracies in his academic history and military service. Burns, who regularly appears on cable news on behalf of the GOP nominee, first said the incorrect details on his online bio had been “manipulated” by hackers before claiming that the information was simply “extremely old.”

“I had started the process of being a part of that organization,” he explained when Blackwell asked why there was no evidence to back up his bio’s claim that he belonged to the predominantly black fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi.

Blackwell pointed to a printout of Burns’ bio from his website, as it appeared when the black televangelist spoke on Trump’s behalf at the Republican National Convention, and asked if it was his.

“It is the bio but this is not an accurate depiction of the bio,” Burns said. “I mean information has obviously been added.”

“Obviously this has been manipulated or either hacked or added,” he claimed.

CNN reported that the website that supports Burns’ site said there was no record of a hack.

Burns walked off the set and quickly took to Facebook to cop pleas and discuss the hateful comments coming his way, which you can see on the flip.

Yeah, he said he’s being victimized by the media partly because he’s Black. This guy…

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