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As investigators are still looking into the exact cause of former N.W.A manager Jerry Heller’s death, his lawyer is naming the movie Straight Outta Compton as a prime suspect.

Heller died this past Saturday in a car crash that reportedly happened after he suffered a heart attack while driving. But Heller’s lawyer Mickey Shapiro thinks he knows what caused the heart attack that lead to his death.

A movie.

Yes, Shapiro is stating that Heller lost a lot of sleep and lived under a lot of stress in the time since the film Straight Outta Compton was released. The movie didn’t necessarily make him look like a devil, but it didn’t do much to clean up his reputation as a crook either. Something that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube both accused him of in various songs and music videos, most notably Dre’s “Dre Day” video.

TMZ writes:

Mickey Shapiro tells TMZ ever since the movie came out painting Jerry as nothing but a crook, the former N.W.A. manager has been under a tremendous amount of stress. In fact — Shapiro says things were so bad — Jerry barely slept and was “heart broken” over the entire thing…Mickey says he believes the heart attack was brought on by the stress from the film and tells us, “Jerry Heller would be alive today if not for that movie.”

Heller was 75 years old.

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