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Officer Daniel Pantaleo has come to represent everything that’s wrong with the NYPD and the justice system since he is the officer who clearly placed a chokehold on Eric Garner moments before the man’s death, which led to the man’s death. However, rather than being fired, Pantaleo was placed on desk duty, where he earned a six figure salary. 

In fact, Panataleo got a raise after Garner’s death.

Reports Politico:

Police officer Daniel Pantaleo, who restrained Eric Garner in a chokehold shortly before Garner died on Staten Island in 2014, has steadily increased his earnings — including a sharp jump in overtime pay — in the two years since he was placed on modified duty.

Pantaleo earned $119,996 in fiscal year 2016, which includes earnings between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. His base pay was $78,026 and he earned $23,220 in overtime, according to a review of payroll records. He received an additional $12,853 in unspecified pay, which could include retroactive pay or bonuses.

Pantaleo’s earnings in 2016 represent a 35 percent increase in overtime pay, and a 14 percent overall increase from the previous fiscal year, which began shortly before Garner’s death on July 17, 2014.

In that 12-month period, ending June 30, 2015, Pantaleo earned $105,061, with $76,488 base pay, $17,109 in overtime and $11,673 in additional earnings, records show.

How are you on “modified” duty, yet still collecting so much overtime?

So just to be clear, despite the medical examiner declaring Garner’s death a homicide, the cop who was involved in said murder—and is still under a federal Civil Rights investigation—got a pay bump.

This is disgusting.

Eric Garner’s daughter issued a damning statement regarding Pantaleo’s plush gig.

“This seems like movies. A bad one. No justice, no records, mayor tells me all lives matter. Panteleo gets a bonus,” she tweeted.

Yeah, the NYPD has refused to share Pantaleo’s disciplinary records.

Seems like NYPD has “no snitching” down to a science.


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