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Nelly is getting the kind of “fan luv” that DJ Khaled can only dream of. Instead of kicking him while he’s down, fans are rallying together to raise money to help Nelly pay off his $2.4 million IRS debt.

News broke earlier this week that Nelly just got slapped [hard] with a huge tax lien. Seeing as how Nelly has spent much of his career spreading good will, the jokes and snark did not run as rampant as it does when we hear about other celebrities tax problem.

Actually, the exact opposite happened. Nelly‘s fans created an online campaign calling on people to stream his massive 2001 hit “Hot In Herre” as many times as possible so he could pocket some royalties and pay off his debt.

SPIN reports that Nelly needs 287,176,547 streams to pay off his debt. People are taking the challenge serious.

If you are down for the cause, hop on Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music and do work.


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