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If you’re familiar with Rah Digga, then you already know that she’s got a tongue like a chef’s knife. On Wednesday afternoon (September 14), the New Jersey native was cooling on Twitter, watching the mess go down on Kid Cudi’s page like everyone else.

Digga was so amused and entertained, that she tweeted a general comment in response to his rant: “Everyone thinks they’re soooo great. Talkin top 5 and be having 30 people write songs for them.”

Why’d she do that? SMH.

As soon as the rapper shot that tweet off, some guy named Chico Fontaine responded:

“Rah Digga if u don’t SITCHO TRASH ASS DOWN smfh…”

Why’d he do that? You know Dirty Harriet got in that ass, right?

“Oh I think I’ll stand… while I wash your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper in 2016… and 2017… and so forth…”

Fontaine replied in true troll form:

“You definitely can’t wash Nicki Minaj… I put my life on it that Nicki will kill you lyrically”

Welp. Here’s where things ascend to trending topic status for Rah…

She tweeted back:

“W/ her lyrics or Safaree’s?? Quit while you’re ahead bro… U got 8 lives left.”

With a single Twitter bar, Rah Digga called out Nicki Minaj — who literally had no part of this back-and-forth, poor thing — and she calls this Fontaine cat, a p___y, without saying it outright. Brilliant!

Anyway, Nicki’s Barbz picked up the slack, going hard at Rah until Fontaine had to admit that he and Digga are homies and the initial tweet was all in good fun.

It would be super interesting if Nicki and Rah went head-to-head though… Something to see.

Check the tweets below and after the jump.


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Photo: press handout

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