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As we continue to celebrate Tupac Shakur’s life and mourn the 20th anniversary of his death this week, actor Bokeem Woodbine reveals that ‘Pac had big plans on squashing his beef with The Notorious B.I.G. and Mobb Deep.

In an interview with the Fader the prolific actor and star of FX’s Fargo said Tupac told him about his plans to get his rivals on a song together. But he was sworn to secrecy.

Per Fader:

“He had a plan to put everybody together on one record and just squash the beef. He wanted to take the power away from the labels that were exploiting the situation. It angered him that they were profiting; he wanted to stop the cash flow. It wasn’t something I was supposed to tell people about, you know what I’m saying? I honored that, and I just waited for that record to come out. But unfortunately, as you know, it never did.”

Woodbine says ‘Pac told him about the pending song while they were shooting the fateful video for “I Ain’t Mad At Cha.”

This past Tuesday, September 13 marked 20th anniversary of Tupac’s death but obviously his name has lived longer than his time on earth. The highly-anticipated biopic All Eyez On Me has been tantalizing fans with intense trailers as the world waits for an actual release date. It was also announced that Johnny Depp will be starring in a film about the police detective charged with solving his murder.

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