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Nipsey Hussle has offered some much needed advice to The Game, Meek Mill and anyone else fanning the flames of this growing “beef.”

The Los Angeles rapper took to social media this past weekend to call out The Game and Meek Mill by their Twitter names, demanding that the 36-year old and 29-year old rappers sit down and settle whatever their differences are like men. He also spoke directly to fans and media who are instigating it.

“Hip hop need to stop gassing this “beef” between @thegame and @MeekMill,” says Hussle. “N*ggas gone sit down like men and express they differences.”

Nipsey, who has recorded music with both artists also warned that their behavior could lead to another East Coast vs. West Coast rivarly but that they could prevent it from happening.

“Ain’t gone be no east cost west coast war,” he says. “Ain’t gone be no black men killing black men.”

Lastly, he added that with both of them running companies that people are depending on to feed their families, neither one of them are acting like true leaders.

“This internet sh*t is a divide and conquer,” he says. “@thegame u got a lot of young blac men on yo payroll. Same w @MeekMill this is bad leadership.”

Nipsey has emerged as the lone voice of reason in the “beef” that has for the most part stayed on wax and Instagram, so far.

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