New media ambassadors are the ones to watch as depicted in the latest episode of Atlanta, titled “The Streisand Effect.” The show opens with Paper Boi joining Earn for a toke and a joke after his late night club performance.

Within minutes, another man glides into the frame chuckling along with the two cousins. He’s way too comfortable, already. Too eager. Too smiley. Both Paper and Earn frown at him.

The man (Black? Asian? Black and Asian?) introduces himself as Zan and drops the N-Bomb almost immediately. “Paper Boi?,” he starts, as if he didn’t realize that was who he pulled up on. “Blowing up my n*gga…” Paper responds with a curt “I don’t know you.”

Zan answered, “But I’m still ya n*gga. Believe me.”

Increasingly annoyed with the entire scenario, Paper spits: “Are you Black?” Zan’s crooked smile disappears, replaced by a thin veil of sincerity,  “Of course I am.”

And this is the way it goes for the entire episode. “The Streisand Effect” is a real term—it’s an online circumstance where someone with a noteworthy following tries to censor a piece of information but in doing that, draws a ton of attention to it. That happens here with Zan.


Photo: FX

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