Gucci Mane is adding a serious notch to his acting resume. Fresh off house arrest, Gucci is set to star in a feature film called The Trap.

In an interview with GQ Style, Gucci Mane revealed that he would be shooting the movie with his friend, film director Harmony Korine.

Korine is known largely for his 2012 feature film Spring Breakers, that Gucci also starred in. The duo already worked together earlier this year for Gucci’s Supreme advertisement. Korine and Gucci have a personal history as well. Korine visited him while he was locked away in prison.

“Harmony is my close friend, so it was easy,” Gucci told GQ about filming the Supreme ad and working with him in the future. “He’s super creative. Me and him work good together because we just freestyle shit, both of us don’t have no rigid mind state when we bring something to life. I love to act. It was just a great experience being in Spring Breakers, and it was just the beginning.”

Their next project will be a movie called The Trap. The title alone should let you know what to expect. However, Gucci won’t be sharing the screen with some rookies. Veteran actors Benecio Del Toro, Al Pacino and James Franco will be in the film as well. You read that right, Gucci will be co-starring with guys who have played Che Guevara, Tony Montana and Riff Raff on screen.

Before that though, Gucci will be starring in and producing his own oft-delayed film titled The Spot. Gucci, who dropped his latest album less than two months after being released from prison, is set to drop another album next month called Woptober. He also signed a book deal to release his autobiography.

With all of this going down, we have to repeat the question Gucci asked earlier this year, “how you let a n*gga in the Feds out do ya?

Peep the four-year old trailer for The Spot below and keep your eyes peeled for The Trap later.

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