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Former Vermont Governor and 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean tackled the elephant in the room at Monday night’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Was Trump on cocaine?

The only thing more noticeable than Trump‘s ignorance and arrogance last night was his cold symptoms. Or at least we think they might have been cold symptoms.

Throughout the night Trump was seen and heard sniffling. According to Jezebel’s count, he did it 12,000 times. On top of that he took several sips of water and grew louder and more argumentative as the night went on.

What some may chalk up to a seasonal cold or slight irritability, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is calling a coke habit.

Is this the pot calling the kettle black? This is the first time we’ve heard from Dean in quite some time. He’s all but disappeared from the national spotlight since he ran for president in 2004. He was considered one of the front runners to take the White House until he exhibited  some suspected “coke user” behavior of his own when he got a little too amped at one his rallies.

Before that infamous yell, Dean was in third place in polls. After, his numbers plummeted and he wound up dropping out of the race.

Let’s hope that Trump’s performance last night can deliver the same fate.



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