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An allegedly unarmed Black man was shot and killed in San Diego County, Calif. Tuesday (Sept. 27) after the man’s sister called authorities for medical assistance. Alfred Olango was gunned down by El Cajon police after reportedly acting erratically as he was approached, but eyewitnesses accounts have somewhat contrasted with what has been made public thus far.

Local NBC outlet KNSD has reported that Olango was shot in the suburb of Ej Cajon outside of a shopping center. Around 1 PM Tuesday, officials say that Olango was walking in and out of traffic and appearing to be having some manner of mental episode. A woman called 911, which is being reported as the sister making the call, to get help. Police say that Olango refused orders to take his hands from his side and allegedly pulled out an object fashioned as a weapon.

Upon this action, a pair of officers who cornered Olango opened fire. One eyewitness said that Olango’s hands were by his side. Another person’s account added that they heard at least five shots from the officers before Olango went down. That same eyewitness claims that he didn’t hear any commands from the police officer. A nearby store manager says he didn’t see Olango being compliant and El Cajon police say an eyewitness captured the incident on video which supports their report.

The El Cajon police statements have not calmed the concerns of protesters who gathered at the scene demanding answers. The sister of Olango has also questioned the police and their handling of the matter. Along with the deaths of Tulsa’s Terence Crutcher and Charlotte’s Keith Scott, the already waning trust in police continues to dwindle.

Details are still pouring in and as this story develops, we will return for updates.

Photo: Ej Cajon Police