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After months of anticipation and hype the moment of truth is finally here. Netflix has unleashed Marvel’s latest gem, Luke Cage, and the results couldn’t have been more exceptional.

Oh, did we also mention that all the Luke Cage episodes are named after Gang Starr records (RIP Guru) and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Adrian Younge did the score? Yes, Marvel is just that damn good when it comes to keeping their ear to the streets (Sorry DC).

Arguably the coolest Black superhero this side of Black Panther, Blade, and Panthro (yes, he’s Thundercat Black), Luke Cage is like the new age Shaft with super human strength, unbreakable skin, and almost as much swag.

Last we saw of him Luke was moving on from the events of Jessica Jones which saw him lose his wife, his bar, and ultimately his mind. Well, he was actually a victim of mind control really but still.

Luke Cage now finds himself living in Harlem with a clean slate, two jobs, and some sort of peace of mind. But in New York City, peace of mind is something that few find yet none keep.

Here’s a quick recap of episode 1: Moment Of Truth. Spoilers ahead, obviously.


Photos: Netflix

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