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A pair of white Albright College students were suspended for their role in recording and sharing an offensive video mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. A female student dressed in Blackface and another unnamed male student are now set to face questions from officials at the Reading, Pa. school.

According to several reports, a video of a student named Carly Dickerson donned in Blackface and wearing padded pants was posted to a Snapchat account. Using the name “Carlisha,” the student danced and mocked the BLM movement.

Both Dickerson and the other student, who is thought to have recorded the Snapchat video, were the only people suspended although there were reports others were involved according to a statement released Friday by school president Lex McMillan III.

It isn’t hard to fathom why racists go to the familiar but tired “joke” of Blackface to mock Black people. These things almost always get released to the general public thanks to social media these days so way to ruin your futures for racism, guys.

Watch the Albright College students tank their college careers by recording a racist Blackface video in the clip below.

Photo: screen cap