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Uncle Luke wants to know how the GOP can defend a man grabbing p*ssy that doesn’t belong to him, but be against rapping about a woman popping hers.

Uncle Luke is mad as hell at the sight of members of the Republican party finding ways to defend their presidential nominee Donald Trump after he was caught saying he could grab women “by the p*ssy” because he’s famous.

Almost 30 years ago, Luke found himself in the cross hairs of the same Republican party for simply rapping about liking p*ssy and doing everything to one but grabbing it without permission. He and the 2 Live Crews lyrics were accused of poisoning the youth of America and tearing at this country’s moral fiber. Because of that, Luke found himself in and out of court for years fighting in the name of free speech.

Now in 2016, 2 Lives Crew’s lyrics sounds like nursery rhymes compared to what we hear now. But, Trump’s remarks are still the crudest that we’ve heard in some time. Which is why Luke is confused as to how the GOP can standby and even attempt to defend him.

In a Instagram video, Luke explains why he still has a bone to pick and that he needs a refund for his legal fees.

Luke says:

I got to speak on this Donald Trump thing. Isn’t this the party that came after me? The right-wing conservative Republican party that said, ‘We don’t wanna hear no ‘Face Down, Ass Up,’ ‘Pop That.’ I spent millions and millions of dollars dealing with this Republican party. Are you f*ckin’ serious? And now you’re nominee is out there talking about, ‘Grab her by the coochie’?! Are you serious? I want all my money back! All you Republican, right-wing, family Christian value people. Give me motherf*cking money back for fighting this senseless war for free speech. I want my money back!

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