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George Zimmerman is trending again, and he’s still alive and probably ever safer now. The man who shot at him in a road rage incident last year just got 20 years in prison.

Last May the internet was rejoicing when new spread that George Zimmerman got shot at in a road rage incident. When his name started trending, people were hoping that he got reciprocated for killing Trayvon Martin, but getting shot at was considered a consolation prize.

But now, a year and some change later, it looks like the justice system has worked in his favor yet again. The man accused of shooting at him just got sentenced to 20 years in prison. Reminder, unlike Zimmerman, he didn’t even kill anybody.

NY Daily News reports:

Matthew Apperson, 37, had testified that he shot in self-defense during a road rage incident with Zimmerman last year. He said Zimmerman’s intimidating reputation — especially for his fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin — made him fear for his life.

But a Seminole County jury convicted Apperson last month of attempted second-degree murder, as well as shooting into an occupied vehicle and aggravated assault.

Zimmerman and Apperson both accused each other of beginning a confrontation and car chase in May 2015.

Twenty years is Florida’s mandatory minimum sentence for shooting at another person.

Apperson’s wife Lisa told authorities that the ruling has essentially “given George Zimmerman a golden ticket to go out and do whatever he wants to do.”

That he has. In addition to allegedly pulling out a gun on Apperson first, Zimmerman has gone around the country bragging about killing the unarmed, teenaged Martin and has tried auctioning off the gun he used to do it with. He has been punched for bragging, but unlike Martin, he’s still alive and now unlike Apperson, he’s still free.

Photo: Polk County Correctional Facility