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Donald Trump calling a Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” is one of the most far reaching soundbites from last night’s final presidential debate. The short statement illustrated vividly that Cheeto Jesus is a raging misogynist. 

But really you should have know that already. No man who talks of grabbing women by the p*ssy is anything remotely near a feminist.

The fact that he has repeatedly said he has great respect for women would be comical if it wasn’t so sad, and a farce.

Last night’s comment came after Hillary Clinton made a jab about Trump getting out of paying his taxes. The egomaniac just couldn’t resist clapping back, and he exposed his immaturity and pettiness, for like the thousandth time.

Reading the words do not convey the vitriol and hate that’s flows freely through Trump’s soul. Watch below and see for yourself.

Photo: screen cap