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The highly anticipated trailer to Logan is finally here. After 16 years of blessing us with a notable version of Wolverine, Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s swan song as the most popular comic book mutant in the Marvel universe.

The film itself is loosely based off the popular 2008 Wolverine storyline, Old Man Logan which revolved around an older Wolverine who’s also a father in an alternate reality where the world was upside down and the Incredible Hulk is his landlord.

This trailer to Logan seems more tied into the X-Men universe which began in 2000 and a much older Wolverine on the run alongside Patrick Stewart who’s reprising his role as Professor X and a little girl we presume to be Logan’s daughter aka X-23.

With the flop that was X-Men: Apocalypse (critically, commercially, and comic, we’re hoping that the final chapter in the Wolverine trilogy does right by the rabid superhero and gives Hugh Jackman the proper sendoff.

Check out the trailer for yourself and let us know if you’ll be checking this out on March 3.

Photo: screen cap