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To the everyday Marvel mutant fan, X-Men: Apocalypse left much to be desired. But whereas there was once disappointment there is now hope in the form of the final installment to the Wolverine saga, Logan.

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The highly anticipated trailer to Logan is finally here. After 16 years of blessing us with a notable version of Wolverine, Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s swan song as the most popular comic book mutant in the Marvel universe.

Marvel’s Wolverine franchise is closing a chapter as Hugh Jackman will appear in Wolverine 3, the third and final installment featuring the 47-year-old actor. In a recent interview, the film’s producer confirmed that the movie will be rated R and will be released in under a year’s time.

Fans awaiting the arrival of director Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Days Of Future Past film were already rocked by the trailer that dropped last year. After a five-second teaser clip was posted to Instagram last week, images of the characters from the highly anticipated flick will be featured on Empire magazine’s covers in a 25-issue collector’s […]

Sneakers and comic books (as well as Hip-Hop); they all are distinct entities that nevertheless go together. Reebok has collaborated with Marvel Comics for a collection of sneakers that add superhero aesthetics to familiar models from the athletic brand. Characters like Spiderman, Captain America and Wolverine get models like the Insta Pump, Ventilator and Pump […]