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It’s no secret that Hugh Jackman will be reprising his beloved role as Wolverine in the highly anticipated Deadpool 3. To show fans just how dedicated he is to giving us the best iteration of the character as he can, Jackman took to IG to show off the workout he takes on to become the iconic X-Men character.

Unfortunately, eagle eyed fans noticed something was lacking in the actor’s grueling workout regiment: his legs. According to Mirror, the 55-year-old actor was reminded by fans that “leg day” is as important as “pull” or “push” days (or however you breakdown your workout routines) as he seemed to have the upper body of a young Jean-Claude Van Damme but the lower body of peak Pee-Wee Herman (no shots).

While many agree that leg day is probably the most boring day at the gym (depending on your workout goals anyway), fans were quick to remind Jackman that it is a necessity to build a complete physique that balances out your overall look and won’t have you looking, well, weird.

Mirror reports:

One fan wrote: “Leg day is a thing…. right? Or CGI will fix that?” While another joked about the actor’s legs, saying: “We all are commenting about the straws hanging from your shorts. Yes, I am referring to your legs.”

But not everyone was critical of Hugh’s workout routine. Some fans were impressed, even dubbing him “Huge Jacked Man”. One defender said: “This LEGEND is 55 years old and people (most of them never worked out) have the audacity to tell Wolverine to work out more his legs? Come on.”

Another added: “Wolverine is back! Great physique sir”. A third praised: “Respect this man!!! Here he goes again!!! Building the muscles!!!” Hugh is preparing for his 10th appearance as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. He’s previously said it’ll take him six months of dedicated training to get fit for the role.

We wouldn’t be surprised if personal trainers are sliding into his DMs offering to help him build his legs just so they can get some of that Marvel money. We know we would.

Still, even though Jackman might have the struggle legs beneath him, he’s still in amazing shape for a man his age. Even if Wolverine is going to be slicing and dicing his foes on a pair of pogo sticks, we’ll still be rushing to theaters when Deadpool 3 drops this summer.

Skinny legs ain’t a deal breaker for us.