Kim Kardashian is demanding an apology from a the Huffington Post writer who insinuated the home invasion robbery the reality star was a victim of was faked. If not, Kardashian will be filing a lawsuit. 

TMZ reports that Kanye West’s wife wants the Huffington Post contributor Sherika Soal to publish a retraction and apology for an Oct. 8 post which said incident was “publicity stunt gone horribly wrong.”

As we previously reported, Soals was promptly slandered by Twitter went it was almost immediately noted that he story’s source was a satirical website. The story was soon deleted from the Huff Post, but the damage had been done.

Reportedly, Soals is down to publish a retraction, but the Huff Post has locked her out of her account. On the flip, the Huff Post is maintaining that Soals published the story on her own, so it isn’t their fault—a judge may think differently, though.

Maybe drop a “my bad” on Twitter and call it even? The struggle is real.

Recently, Kardashian threatened MediaTakeOut with a lawsuit for publishing a few stories that also said the robbery was faked.

On a related note, footage of the thieves making their getaway, on bicycles, has surfaced. Watch on the flip.


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