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Wiz Khalifa knows how to get the press and paparazzi on his side, give them free weed.

Cameras caught up with Khalifa in his lowrider this past weekend to ask him what he thought about the upcoming election. Since neither candidate are supporting legalizing weed, we weren’t surprised that he didn’t have much to say about either one.

Instead, he took the facetime opportunity to share, and promote, his Khalifa Kush strain of weed.

“If you smoke weed only listen to Wiz Khalifa,” he says. “Yeah I know you can smell it, cause it’s that good sh*t.”

This is the same strand that caused that silly Twitter rant Kanye West directed at Khalifa earlier this year. In case you forgot, Khalifa tweeted out “kk” and the self-absorbed West assumed that he was talking about his wife, Kim Kardashian and went on a vicious rambling criticizing Wiz for getting Amber Rose pregnant.

Photo: Screenshot