In what will hopefully be the final chapter of this beef, the entire conversation between The Game and Beanie Sigel over the Meek Mill disses has surfaced.

Welcome to rap beef in 2016 where taping phone conversations is a part of the game.

In the middle of the tornado that started with Game calling out Meek on stage, then Sean Kingston getting thrown in it, then Meek getting Beanie Sigel in his corner, there was a phone call made.

The call had been alluded and partially shared by State Property member Oschino played a snippet of the phone conversation, but now we have the entire thing.

Beans can be heard saying:

“You got every right to do whatever you’re gonna do to Meek, that’s y’all beef. I’m not calling about Meek. I don’t care … literally, I could give two sh*ts. I’m not making no paper with Meek. Meek ain’t trying to do nothing for me. He ain’t called me and asked me to do a record or nothing. You see how happy the n*gga was when he smiled just for those two lines (I recorded).”

With The Game having an album to promote and Meek leaving social media, let’s hope that this closure concludes this beef.

Photo: Instagram

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