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If you ever wondered what song plays in Russell Westbrook‘s head when he’s doing his pre-game dance routine, we have an answer. It’s Lil Uzi Vert‘s “Now I Do What I Want.”

The song is featured in a new Jordan Brand ad where Westbrook and others can be seen dancing their hearts away. The song is fitting with Westbrook’s new role as the undisputed leader of the Oklahoma City Thunder. His ex-teammate and former NBA MVP Kevin Durant left the team to join the Golden State Warriors this past July. For years media and fans pitted the two against each other trying to determine who the better player was or if Westbrook was holding Durant back. With Durant out of the picture, Westbrook can indeed do what he wants.

The song has been a favorite of Westbrook’s for a while now. He posted a clip of himself driving to it over the summer.

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