Lupe Fiasco has offered his two cents on Kid Cudi sending Twitter threats from rehab.


Lupe Fiasco doesn’t think too highly of Kid Cudi taking a moment from his rehab to hop on social media and threaten his current arch nemisis Drake with with a fade once he gets out.

In case you missed it, the lonely stoner returned to Twitter earlier today to let Drake know that he heard he heard his diss track “Two Birds, One Stone” and didn’t appreciate the shoutout he gave him.


Cudi checked himself into rehab earlier this month after he went on a rant calling out Kanye West and Drake, accusing them of not being true to the craft and having people write their rhymes. Cudi said that he was suffering from depression and suicidal urges.

Kanye responded saying he felt disrespected, but later urged that fans pray for Cudi and called him the most influential artist of the last 10 years. Drake didn’t turn the other cheek though. He went in on Cudi, calling him out and concerts and then dissed him and his troubles calling them “phases.”

Lupe is not involved in Cudi and Drake’s beef, but he does know what it is like to be in a dark place. Which is why he is looking at Cudi’s “rehab” skeptically.

Where do you stand on all of this? If anything, we should be questioning the quality of this rehab facility that Cudi is in. Who allows their suicidal patients to be on social media?

Peep more from Lupe on the flip.


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