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New York Knicks guard Brandon Jennings continued his tradition of keeping it way too real on Twitter. 


Brandon Jennings has never had much of a filter and doesn’t mind telling you what he really thinks. So, when someone asked him a basketball question about Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell, Jennings answered and added a shot of shade.

A fan asked “Do you think D’Angelo Russell can be an All-Star?” Jennings replied, “Dude is a great hooper, but I don’t respect a snitch?”

Salty much?

In case you forgot, D’Angelo Russell was accused of being a homewrecker for recording a private conversation between him and teammate Nick Young about sleeping around and cheating on his ex-fianceè Iggy Azalea. The video leaked to the internet and hell broke loose with Young and Azalea’s engagement eventually being called off.

Since then Russell has become synonymous with snitching. So much to the point that he mocked himself in a Foot Locker commercial about the ordeal.

But for Jennings to bring it up months later in this fashion shows that some players still thinking lowly of the rising star.

As Real Talk points out, it could be a case of Jenning’s speaking from experience. His personal life was put on blast recently when he his ex-girlfriend Teyana Taylor accused him of cheating on her, thus giving her reason to leave him.

Jennings, of course, took to Twitter to address those remarks too.

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