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Storm of the X-Men

Photo: Marvel

Storm aka Ororo Munroe is one of the illest X-Men characters. She’s an African princess who can control the weather, was once married to the Black Panther and has even lead the X-Men. 

It is absolutely disrespectful that we have yet to get a knockout depiction of Storm in the countless X-Men flicks (sorry, Halle Berry, but nah). Thus, faux booty Khloe Kardashian rocking a horrible Storm outfit for Halloween had to be noted for its wackness.

GTFOH, yo. Beyonce did Storm last year, and it was much better.

At least it wasn’t Blackface, but Khloe’s outfit is still trash. For the record, Storm does not have a silver forehead, bruh. These are our heroes, either give them a proper depiction, or none at all.

Peep Khloe’s struggle below and on the flip.


Photo: Instagram

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