Pusha T is co-signing California’s Proposition 64 that will legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state.The rapper known as “Push-A-Ton” may have to change his name to “Push-A-Vote” pretty soon. Pusha T is already involved in Hillary Clinton‘s Presidential campaign and becoming a strong voice in the fight against mass incarceration. Now he is urging California voters to say yes to Proposition 64 that aims to legalize marijuana and hopefully decriminalize the drug in the process.

In a video produced by the Artists For Yes On 64 campaign, Pusha breaks down why weed should be legalized, and it’s not just so people get high all of the time.

In PSA, Pusha says:

“Marijuana arrests are the engine that’s driving the war on drugs. It’s one of the number one reasons people trying to reenter their communities are sent back to prison. I’m not a California voter, but I know when good legislation passes in the biggest state, other states follow, and that’s an important step in ending mass incarceration around the country. What’s most important to me is keeping people who are coming home, home.”

Pusha joins Russell Simmons, Common and Jay Z as Hip-Hop luminaries who are lending their support towards the bill. He’s been a vocal proponent for prison reform too.

Now, before you start thinking that the bill is going to allow people just be smoking freely in the streets, here is how it will work if it becomes law, according to Ballotpedia:

“Proposition 64 would legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults aged 21 years or older. Smoking would be permitted in a private home or at a business licensed for on-site marijuana consumption. Smoking would remain illegal while driving a vehicle, anywhere smoking tobacco is, and in all public places. Up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana would be legal to possess. However, possession on the grounds of a school, day care center, or youth center while children are present would remain illegal. An individual would be permitted to grow up to six plants within a private home, as long as the area is locked and not visible from a public place.”

Check out Pusha’s pitch below.

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