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MF DOOM has always been something of a mysterious figure, and there are stories of repute to confirm that viewpoint. However, photos of the masked super-villain surfaced recently but most probably wasn’t expecting to see DOOM actually officiating a wedding complete with the signature metal mask.

Although it was rumored to be recent photos of MF DOOM playing the role of wedding official, a Billboard report revealed that the photos were actually taken seven years ago. Eothen “Egon” Alaplatt, the former manager of Stones Throw Records and current owner of Now Again Records, was the lucky groom to have Metal Fingers to deliver the wedding vows and instructions.

Egon has been online blasting the leak of previously unseen photos and probably wants to deliver the fade for someone sharing his private family moment as a recent event.

As for DOOM, we’re pretty sure he’s somewhere in the world watching all this unfold as he prepares whatever next dish he intends to serve to the people. DOOM did promise recently that he was back in the rap writing saddle so hopefully fans of the former KMD frontman will get their wish for his return to music.

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Photo: Twitter

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