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When University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing shot and killed 43-year-old Samuel DuBose during a routine traffic stop this past July, he alleged that it was in self-defense. The cop claimed DuBose tried to flee and dragged said officer alongside the vehicle.

According to RawStory, prosecutors not only presented evidence that the officer fired his weapon point-blank before the car ever went into motion (thanks to a body camera), but they have now revealed that Tensing was also wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt under his uniform.

For those claiming it’s only a shirt of a flag, the symbolism that is the Confederate flag represents that of racism, oppression, and white supremacy.

It’s also worth noting that the shirt read “Smoky Mountains 1934.” Seems like the kind of shirt that a man who wants to make America 1930’s great again would wear. Just saying.

Tensing is currently on trial for murder.

Photo: Cincinnati PD