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America’s favorite #MUVA Amber Rose took her 3-year old son Sebastian to the nail salon for some primping and people are mad, like it’s their kid.

So. Amber Rose was minding her own business when she took her son to the nail shop to get a mani and pedi. But, since she shared the experience on Instagram, it became everybody’s business by default.

In the clip, young Sebastian, who is also the son of Wiz Khalifa, can be seen sitting in the chair anxiously awaiting getting his nails painted. “Orange” is the color he said he preferred.

No one should be surprised that a kid being raised by Rose and Khalifa is out getting his nails painted. But, people need something to be mad at and this seemed to be appropriate.

Rose’s comment section called her the usual names, but it also questioned her parenting skills.

“I f–k with u but really … making your child paint his nails like he was a girl, you gone f–k up his childhood,” was on comment. Another read, “Don’t turn yo son into a f—-t WTF is wrong wit you?”

Not sure what people were hoping to accomplish by leaving nasty comments for a woman who founded the #SlutWalk and has cracked jokes about getting jizzed on the face on national television. But hey, to each their own.

Do you care enough to have an opinion on the matter? Would you take your son to get his nails done? Or are you keeping a football in his hands at all times? Or both?

Photo: E! Screenshot