What a difference a year makes. Unfortunate co-star of Making A Murder Brendan Dassey has been ordered to be freed from prison immediately.

In case you missed it, Dassey was railroaded by the Wisconsin court system when police and prosecutors coaxed him into testifying that he played a role in the kidnapping and murder of Teresa Halbach. Police said that he helped his uncle, Steven Avery abduct, rape and then kill Halbach at Avery’s house in 2005.

The Netflix documentary Making A Murderer revisited this case last year and showed how Dassey, who was mentally challenged, was coaxed into giving a false admission to committing the crime. Because of this, he was sentenced to life in prison at age 16.

After the documentary was viewed by millions, new light was shed on the case amidst public outcry. This past summer Dassey’s case was overturned, but prosecutors are appealing.

BBC reports that Dassey must follow some strict rules to maintain his freedom until the case clears up. Under his release conditions, Dassey must stay under the supervision of probation and parole officers. He is also prohibited from having any contact with Halbach’s family or his uncle.

As far as Avery’s case is concerned, he and his legal team are still fighting and they are hoping that DNA evidence will clear him as well.

Making A Murderer was a hit in households nationwide, but it especially resonated with the urban community. There was already a distrust of the justice system, but after seeing that they would even do it to “their own,” widened that gap even more. The show also inspired the title of Joe Budden’s Drake diss track.

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