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Immortal Technique’s name was buzzing a bit last week, this after Hamilton creator and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda said that the rapper and activist was a high school bully. The chatter has prompted a slight response from Immortal which could lead to more revelations if things escalate.

Writer Roqayah Chamseddine tweeted on Tuesday a Pigeon and Planes article referencing Miranda’s pegging Immortal as a terror who threw he and other students at Hunter College High School as explained on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. Immortal’s response to Chamseddine could be taken a number of ways, but it does count as a response.

“lLOL slow news day? I have stories for days about people who are now super famous. I don’t think ppl are ready. Lol,” tweeted Immortal in response.

Could there be more of entertainment elites who have tales of Immortal Technique dumping them in garbage cans? Time will tell.

Photo: Instagram