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Soulja Boy sat down with DJ Vlad to share how he really got his hit song “Crank Dat” to blow up almost 10 years ago.

Love him or hate him, Soulja Boy has been in the rap game and making money in it for a full decade now. The story about how he became the first rapper to blow up strictly off online marketing has inspired an entire generation of rappers to record music in their homes and upload it to the internet in hopes of blowing up.

But, according to his interview with DJ Vlad, there is more to the story than that. Most people knew about how he was making money from selling his singles on Soundclick, but what no one ever knew is just how he was able to turn his single “Crank Dat” into a phenomenon.

He admits that he used to upload his song to the illegal file sharing site Limewire and title his tracks after whatever was popular at the time. So, people who were looking to download the new 50 Cent or Britney Spears song, were actually downloading “Crank Dat.” After initial disgust and confusion, the listeners eventually kept listening and became fans of the song.

In the same interview, Soulja Boy also talks about his origins and shares a very suspect story about how he was “trapping” before he blew up as a rapper.

Check it out below.

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