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At the very end of the last episode of Marvel’s Luke Cage, all hell had broken loose in Harlem’s Paradise. Here is Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap.

What was a peaceful smear campaign on Luke Cage turned into the O.K. Corral – or the outside of Hot 97 in the mid 00’s if you will – when Luke showed his face and had Stryker’s entire team gunning for him. Innocent bystanders be damned!

Carrying a wounded Misty Knight with him, Luke found that taking cover behind the bar isn’t exactly the best of plans given the situation. While he can easily walk out with his bulletproof self, he knows there’s no way they’re letting Misty Knight walk out that door with bullet wounds courtesy of Willis “Diamondback” Stryker.

What will Luke do? Be a hero that’s what.

Here’s a quick recap of Marvel’s Luke Cage, episode 11: Now You’re Mine.

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