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A white Chicago woman with an infamously poor attitude and anger management issues has unleashed her fury on Black workers for reasons still difficult to determine. The woman’s antics were caught on tape, and it appears she’s got quite the sour reputation.

Crooks and Liars writes:

It seems that the Chicago woman who ranted at African-American Michaels employees is also someone who feels the need to periodically go off on people.

In a video which has now been made private on YouTube but which was said to have been taken in July and posted to YouTube today, the very same woman is going after a Peet’s Coffee and Tea employee for allegedly calling her a bitch.

“Really, you’re a store manager and you call people bitches? You’re a bitch!” she shouted at him.

She then claimed she was “afraid for her life” because she felt mistreated by one of the employees.

“I’m going to go back to my 90,000 dollar a year job and you’re stuck back here,” she taunted.

The publication adds that the manager fired back that the woman’s high salary should have offered her the ability and funds to pay for her cup of coffee. Earlier this year, this same woman went off on Michael’s employees in a similar, entitled fashion. She also went out her way to say she voted Trump.

Notice that you didn’t see any police on the scene in either case, right? White, excuse us, right. Check out the videos below.

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